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  • Plastic slat wall panel
Plastic slat wall panel

Plastic slat wall panel

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  • Product description:Black finish with protective rubber sleeves,made for PVC Slatwall systems
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Product details:

1.PVC slatwall, PVC storage wall panel, garage slatwall, storeroom slatwall. Car room slatwall.

2.Fireproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, damp proofheavy duty, enlarge your space

3.PVC slatwall is not affected by mold, mildew or water so it can be installed in damp locations where MDF and wood might absorb the humidity. So it used in laundry , washroom etc.

4.Our PVC slatwall panels an ideal solution for mudrooms.

5.You can create the storage and organization. You need these products in your garage, retail space, home office, workshop or any space

6.Enlarge the space perfect for garage, basements, retail spaces and more

7.Prevent the impact,install over drywall to studs or directly to studs. Easy to clean. Lifetime warranty. Not affected by mold, mildew or water.

8.Fireproof meet ASTM Standard.

9.It could used with metal hanging basket and hooks.

Description :
product specifications and sizes:
Length 2.44 meters (8feet), width 306mm, thickness 17mm. Colors has white, gray. The product pole leng 6Inch thcould load 44Pound.


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